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Help team members develop the practical skills needed to work on a team of professionals in the fields of science, engineering, and technology.

Field a competitive robot.

Introduce younger students to fun engineering and robotics activities before the pressures of society push them away from these fields.

Have Fun!


NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) and Clear Creek Independent School District (CCISD).

The team is a collection of mentors and students working together. All team members have equal say and opportunities. The team captain, directors, and leads are responsible for coordinating, guiding, and leading activities but everyone has a say in team decisions. All team members are expected to take on multiple roles during the season. This organization chart is intended to represent a typical organizational layout of the team. It is fully expected that the exact layout will vary from season to season based on the year’s challenge and the desires of the team.

With a small team, students and mentors will be expected to take on many roles. Everyone on the team will have an opportunity to, and will be expected, to take part in leading the team and passing their knowledge and experience on to less experienced team members. Students will take on leadership roles of team captain, directors, and subsystem leads. Many other student roles will require strong leaders with specialized skills including: chairman’s presenters, robot driver, robot operator, human player, and technicians. Students may also take on roles as part of the pit crew, scouting, and talking with judges. There are also roles that will be required to be filled by mentors. There will be one or two lead mentors, some document managers, and final management of finances and purchasing.


CCISD is building a strong robotics program and needs help to maintain and grow that program. Students on this team have benefited in the past, and are currently benefiting, from that program. Therefore, Chips students will be asked and expected to support some of the events that are being sponsored by the district.